IMPORTANT NEWS: Selamat Hari Raya & We've back to process order but today is China public day - Dumpling Festival. POS LAJU and GDEX for West Malaysia are RMB 25 per kg :) ***10th July 2018: the warehouses were out of electricity from 10am-8pm, sorry for any inconvenient**

How To Order Manually

Manually Buying Steps:

1. After pick goods from & copy the link to Eazyla Home page.

2. Paste the link on Eazyla Home page & click "Go".

3. Then fill in the option/color, size and quantity you want from the link and then copy paste to our website as per the photo below. 

4. After you have fill up all the space required, then you can continue to add to the cart by clicking the "cart" and can go to your cart (on the right).

5. You can fill in the details of the delivery address that you want to send to.

6. The bottom of the cart, you can write a remarks to us about anything you need. Here are some additional services (you can check out here), select a payment method and the shipping method that you want.

7. After everything has confirm, then you can click "Proceed to payment" to confirm the order.

8. After you have make the payment, please update your payment here. The first "UPLOAD RECEIPT" is for the order's payment and the "UPLOAD RECEIPT" is for international shipping fees.

This is the way to place order manually. This is just in case our system is DOWN. :)
Sorry for any inconveniences.